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Merry Meet  (Hello)

Welcome our Wicca Site.

I will be helping people on the “Open Minds” Website To learn and understand Witchcraft also known as “Wicca” I have been involved

With witchcraft for many years . I hope that you enjoy and can understand what I have written.

This month I will give you a brief history of Witchcraft , I have taken this from Raymond Buckland’s book called “Complete Book of Witchcraft” This book has been around for many years and is also  available from “ Open Minds” as is other books and materials I will mention over time, you may call the shop for more information about wiccan items and if we don’t have it we will source it for you if it is available, so let us begin the journey …………….

Witchcraft is not merely legendary; it was and it is real ; It is not extinct; it is alive and prospering . Since the last laws against Witchcraft repealed (as recently as the 1950’s) Witches have been able to come out into the open and show themselves for who they are;    And who are they ???

They are intelligent, community-conscious, thoughtful men and women of to-day . Witchcraft is not a step backwards into a more superstition filled time. Far from it . It is a step forward . Witchcraft is far more relevant to the times than the vast majority of other cultural and traditional societies of to-day

It is the acceptance of personal and social responsibility; it is the acknowledgement of a holistic universe and a means toward a raising of consciousness. Equal rights; Feminism; ecology; attunement; brotherly/sisterly love; planetary care; these are all part and parcel of Witchcraft  ( yes the old belief system is coming of age ) at the right time to help conserve and raise awareness on  environmental and social  issues that are manifesting in our time.

The above is certainly what the average person thinks of in relation to Witchcraft.  Not the misconceptions that are deeply ingrained from centuries of propaganda ,how and why these misconceptions came about will be examined later.

I hope that you enjoyed this excerpt from the Buckland’s book .

From next month I will start showing some of the tools; beliefs; and rituals etc;


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