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Welcome to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a major form of energy (qi) that is all around us all the time and affects us personally, our lifestyle, home, children, partners, our animals and gardens.

We can all live more auspicious and harmonious lives just by enhancing or channelling energy (qi) in a positive way around us.

Baguas are used to locate the eight areas relating to different aspects of life and can be used in each and every room. They also can be superimposed over a plan of your home, business or your block of land or garden front or back.

The Career Segment (Black or Blue Area as displayed in different Bagua colours ) must always be placed at the main point of entry of your home, office, land or any room in your house, where you need to find the best placement for arranging furniture or placing Feng Shui enhancements.

Eg: for bedrooms, lounge rooms, dining rooms, study, offices, desks, foyers, waiting or consulting rooms, shops, warehouses, etc:

Please note the interior of bathrooms, and kitchens or garages do not need directions,
they are part of the building and if they fall in an area that needs enhancements it is suggested to place objects in front of the main point of entry for that area or doors.

Eg: of this is, you may need to hang a crystal near the bathroom door you may place this on the outside above the door is always a positive cure placement.
Or you may need to place a bagua on the outside of your house, the best area to place this is on top of your front door or garage door, (this cure is ideal for dead end roads)

if your house is below Street level or especially if a Streetlight is in front of your house, so to push away the negative energy away.

You also need to take in consideration any missing areas that are not being covered by the Practical Bagua and whatever is missing needs to be enhanced with the suggestions listed for the missing areas.

You will find the list of enhancements that I have provided in the Practical Bagua page are helpful suggestions for placements that can be activated for each area that you need to enhance, they are simple and easy to follow and you can apply them anywhere you need to, by creating a better and positive lifestyle for your loved ones, friends relatives or your work environment.

Open Minds can source most of all your enhancement requirements plus many more ideas and tips on Feng Shui objects ,from our Online Shop, or you may contact us for more help. If unsure of where you may place some enhancements objects you may email us your plan sketch and include in a brief query.

Every purchased item will carry information for placement suggestions.

Wishing you a happy and harmonious Feng Shui lifestyle.

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