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This site is intended to help you understand how the tarot works, the journey of the tarot may give you an insight far away from archaic belief systems and to focus on another dimension, they are a useful tool to have when you know how to read them.

You can consult the tarot as much as you like, but bear in mind that the more you try to look for an answer the more you will get confused and getting no where fast so you need to apply a little bit of discipline because once you have established some control they start to speak to you. It’s like reading a book and listening to the radio or watching TV simultaneously as they are easily accessible but your focus is divided so take your time to study the meanings and the keys properly, it takes a lot of practice to master the tarot, don’t forget yes you can read the Tarot any time but to be a professional it takes a lot of time and practice.

Some people are gifted with clairvoyance and are more receptive to the spirit guides and the tarot can help these people to establish ground rules and set out guidelines to help them convey their messages.

The Tarot can be the gateway to reach that dimension so enjoy the journey and I hope this site will be a useful insight for you.

We have Tarot readings in our shop daily, if you live near by you can ring and make an appointment or just drop in.

If you are interested in learning the tarot and attending to one of our courses you may

Call me at Open Minds on 9604 6880.

With this journey of the Tarot I am using the Ryder Waite as they are more popular for beginners, we do stock other decks, to-day we are spoilt with choices, there are many decks to choose from but you may experiment with other decks when you gain more insight so enjoy and happy learning and best wishes



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