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Magic Oils

Essential oils are recommended to be used in magical rituals and petitions. Synthetic blends are not suitable.
Synthetic oils main use is for adding to potpourri or aromatic room sprays. These synthetic oils may contain additives that can be harmful to your skin. Under no circumstances should you consume any oils or apply directly on open wounds as some oils may be toxic.
There are various uses for these magical oil blends eg:
Rituals and petition instructions and oil burners.
The following blends may be ordered from Open Minds.

 25 ml Bottle  costs$25- 00 or Any 3 for $70

 10 ml Bottle costs $15- 00. (Any 3 for $40)

 (Includes Postage and Handling within Australia - Outside Australia please email us for a quotation

These exclusive blends are ideal if you want to do different petitions and rituals.

For our local customers come in and have a look at our range, you may also learn a few more tips from our friendly staff.

The magical oils that I have created at OPEN MINDS are the most sought after and the most popular for petitions and rituals. The selection is based on customer’s requests.

I have included some of my own favorites. I use natural base oils and genuine 100% essential oils for all our magical blends. The purpose of creating our magical oils stems from the amount of queries from our customers wanting us to “cast your petitions” for them and this has concerned me. My intention is to stock oils as part of our modern way to promote self help in natural healing therapies. We have heard many stories of people taking advantage of people in need of help and I decided to do something about it. I believe faith and timing are the way to seize opportunities that come your way. Initially you need to learn to recognize, what you want and how you can make it happen, secondly you need to have faith in yourself and ask yourself “are your dreams reasonable or far fetched?”.

My background in Astrology and other esoteric areas that I have studied, I have come to realize that over the years that timing is the most crucial factor in everything we do. If you get it wrong, it fails but if you persist and focus your energy to pursue and try again and again, you will get it right. Whatever your instincts are, affirmations or petitions are best done by you. If you allow others to do it for you, I believe you are surrendering your willpower to others when it is your own energies and feelings that are important to connect to the universe.

A reputable practitioner may be consulted for ideas and assistance but it is best if you buy the ingredients and do the petition yourself. I recommend using a moon chart timetable to assist you with your petitions. Together with candles and crystal stones, special days and times or other special instructions to have the desired effect.
Always remember that petitions should be done with grace and with the intention to harm none. Failure to do this may result in getting more than you bargained for (the three times fold rule should always be respected in all petitions and rituals).  You may visit our Wicca site for more information and view the Wiccan Rede guidelines, that Sandra and Kathy contribute in the Wicca section on this site, and they are running a Wiccan Workshop on the 1st of June 2008 at the Open Minds shop.

(for more information about workshops visit our main menu on this site)

Blessed Be
Magical Oil Blends Applications

To obtain the best use of the oils I included some tips and directions on the labels. Feel free to use your own ideas. Keep checking this page for more tips and magical oils as they become available.  

Before I start listing the oils I would like to mention the importance of knowing the moon phases and how to incorporate them in your petitions.  
You can obtain this information from a local calendar, magazines or newspapers that feature this service, importantly noting the timing of the phases and if possible the zodiac signs its passing through, for instance a new moon can work wonders to start your new petition and knowing what sign it is in so you can draw that particular energy for the petition or ritual that you wish to perform, you can certainly find whether that is complementary or not with your own sun sign. Sound confusing? Not really.  

Here is an example:

Say you want to cast a petition to find a new love in your life and you are an Aries or a Scorpio, your best chance to do this petition is when the sun signs are in Aries or Scorpio eg. Mars and Pluto are the two planets that co-rule these two sun signs, they have different functions but compliment each other, therefore an appropriate time to perform this type of petition is when the moon entering the above sun signs around that time of year, your petition will have a better chance of succeeding (check the zodiac timetable below).
You may also have a shot at another time for your petition when the new moon enters Taurus or Libra as they both share the same planet Venus that rules Love, beauty, peace and harmony.  

By observing the moon phases it can help you determine when the appropriate time to start or finish projects, petitions and rituals.
Now prepare your petition or desired ritual, start after the new moon and repeat your ritual the following week on the same day you had started previously eg: say the new moon entered 10.18 PM last Monday repeat the same the following Monday, the next phase 1st quarter (waxing) and use this new time and day to continue with your petition towards the next  full moon.  Do the same again for the next phase of the last quarter (waning) and your petition is done.

Moon Magic Phases & Functions

Here is an example time guide taken from AEST local calendar always check for DST adjustment

NEW MOON IS IDEAL FOR:      (Entered 10.18 pm Monday 5th May 2008)
1ST QUARTER (WAXING) IS IDEAL FOR:      (Entered 1.47pm Monday 12th May 2008)  
Building up Courage, Empowering, Strengthening, and Stabilizing of new Ideals.
FULL MOON IS IDEAL FOR       (Entered Tuesday 20th May 2008)
The best time to seize opportunities to act and move on with life, taking stock where we are heading, intuition is more highlighted, all petitions are brought to a climax here and will begin to have a powerful effect.      So mote it be.
LAST QUARTER (WANING) IS IDEAL FOR   (Entered 12.57 pm Wednesday 28th May 2008)  
Healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, letting go of out grown ideals or banish negative situations in life.

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