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A brief Introduction
The word Kabbalah means-to receive. Quite accurate, since it is a system to understanding the universe and the receiving of knowledge & wisdom of ages through this Eastern Philosophy. “What is it?” I hear you ask. It is an ancient Jewish form of enlightenment said to be the secret knowledge of King Solomon although many Jewish especially the orthodox Jews do not favour it very much as it acknowledges the feminine aspect. It is more commonly known as the tree of life. (many of you may recognise it from the story of Adam & Eve-yes, this was the tree of knowledge which Eve ate the fruit). Some have said that the information was passed on to Moses. However that theory has been and still is in some scholarly circles being debated.
Kabbalah which has also been spelt as Qabala, Quabalah, Kabala etc. Is the mystical Jewish system of putting the enormous information about the universe in a simple map called the Tree of Life. Using Kabbalah in your life will put you in touch with knowledge and wisdom. This ancient system can be adopted in our present day lives, and throughout the ages others before us have contributed to the tree of life. Their input has seen the associations with the angels, crystals, tarot, planets, colours etc.
Perhaps another way of explaining the Kabbalah is that the tree represents the planes of existence how each plane contributes and is connected with the next one and inevitably the entire universe and reaching godhood (true enlightenment).
The illustration above shows the tree. The 10 spheres are called Sephiroth in Hebrew and are arranged in 3 triangles with the 10th sphere hanging underneath. These spheres are joined by 22 paths. Think of the spheres and the paths as directories on your PC hard drive or as a cabinet filing system for the universe. The arrangement of the spheres also fall into 3 pillars which will be discussed further in next months update. There are also veils which take you further up the tree to enlightenment. For those just learning about this subject this will be invaluable to you as it will be a good tool to monitor your progress, to those teaching (in any subject) utilizing the Kabbalah will also assist you in monitoring your students progress or confirm what you already suspected! J
Each month, I will discuss each Sephiroth including the virtues and vices, associations such as colours, planets, tarot & crystals. Once we have completed the spheres, I will be discussing the paths and then the entire system as a whole. This will also include how to implement the information given in your daily life.
Until next month

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