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Going With The Flow

The message from the angel realm at this time, is they would like us to think about life as a stream – a river of light energy and sound that runs through all things – and the stream only flows in one direction It’s called GOD or source – it’s also called the stream of right action, being in the moment, Synchronicity, ease, joy.

We connect to the flow of this stream through how we feel through our emotions – and our emotions at times make us behave A bit like lemmings or salmon – instead of flowing with the universal current – we decide to struggle against it and swim upstream .

The angels explained the floods and raging seas  around the land are the result of our chaotic emotions and thoughts, as people are struggling to adapt to the new currents and waves coming to our planet from the universe, to initiate change. As human beings we don’t like change and so we cry (more water)

The angels have said the stream of life is light and energy and sound – or song.

They remind us that it is not only human beings who  sing songs and create music, there are whole symphonies being played in nature itself, indigenous people have their songlines which are like invisible pathways connecting all over the land ancient tracks made of songs which tell of the creation of the land. It is their sacred duty to travel the land singing the ancestors songs singing the world into being afresh – isn’t that beautiful. They have heard to melodies of the rivers the valleys the ridges the hills the trees and created a song that resonates with the harmony of that area and so this helps them navigate their way and the songs are passed down through the generations.  At dusk the tones from the river are different from the daytime as the air cools down and collects in the canyons to enhance the bass tones hidden by the dry heat of the day.

So indigenous people sang the world into being afresh – so we can also sing our world into being – into harmony.

What we call a body is a configuration of particles held by a form of forces. In school you were given a glass slide with iron filings on top of it and a bar magnet was placed  beneath it and all the filings quickly took shape in the form of the forces of that magnetic field. As long as that glass slide was held over the magnet, the iron filings kept their position in a very beautiful symmetrical pattern on the glass slide. When you removed the glass slide from the forces of the magnet, those little filings could be dislodged or if you blew upon them they could be widely scattered, and so we can say that if our body through thoughts or emotions are disconnected from the stream of life which is like the bar magnet, then the manifestation or the form loses  its symmetry and its perfection. If we attempted to replace the filings in their perfect pattern with little tweezers it would be a very tedious and clumsy operation, yet this is what we do when the body has lost its harmony, we try to replace it with  things from the outside, instead of returning to its source.  All we have to do to bring back that perfection of the iron filings and the glass slide, is to re-connect it with the magnet again and they instantly go into place.

That is the idea of sound and song, the angels remind us that the voice properly used, can cause the body to become one with it’s source again, and then it manifests its right pattern.  Every living thing has a pattern within it, the Emu  egg has the pattern of the bird within it, the sunflower seed has the pattern of the blossom within it.

We have the pattern of perfection within us. Most of us when we were born, had a reasonably perfect body.  We live in a miracle, this miracle is possible because of the perfect pattern upon which we are made and held together.

If you take a drum head and put sugar or sand upon it and put it on a piano and played the piano, the little particles will take on a geometric form. This is proof that sound moves matter.  Every time you speak, the sound of your voice has an effect upon the molecules and the cells in your body. Unfortunately there are many sounds in our environment which are destructive there are the sounds of industry, traffic, jet planes, neighbours children, power mowers. We do not have control over these but we have complete control over our own voices and this can be the most destructive element in our lives. The hostile voice the person who cannot ask a question but demands an answer “Where did you put those keys?” why didn’t you pay that bill?. This type of voice invites problems accidents, heart attacks, strokes and so forth and then there’s the Whiny kind of voice – “oh pardon me for living” everything goes wrong in my life, nobody likes me I can never do anything right.. that kind of person attracts trouble – Lingering illnesses, chronic diseases, depression. We have to go to the core of our being – let’s get our body back over the magnet – the source  and we don’t have to put it  together with tweezers again it instantly goes back.

Now close your eyes and relax…. Think of your breathing – your breath is like the flow of the ocean – in and out..the tide flows in the tide flows out………..releasing the tension in your body – when you paddle or float in the ocean immediately all your stress and worries fall away from you – and now imagine you are floating from the ocean inland to a stream – this is your stream – it represents you life, your emotions, your dreams –

How does it look……… there water in your stream or is it a dry

River bed from tiredness, wanting to give up, has it got water

But its not flowing……………what is the water like is it clear and sparkling in the sun or is it full of algae or rubbish or film –

Is it flowing gently along, or a raging torrent that is out of control?

Spend a few moments creating your stream so it is just right – clear pure water, flowing smoothly. Imagine your stream has come to a lake with a white temple in the middle. There are angels waiting for you and they begin to softly sing a melody, the notes  form ribbons of light which weave into your stream bringing it into alignment with the Divine once more, and you listen carefully as they sing you song..

NOTE:  A wonderful movie I recommend is “As It Is In Heaven”

It is becoming available to buy on dvd and has been showing at independent movie theatres. There are many wonderful messages in this film – the main one being….to listen……

Until next time….Trudie

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