Day Numbers

Will reveal your past life energies you brought with you into this life.

Eg: born 23rd of any month = 5

Your past skills, feelings and your mode of behaviour come together here, to help you reach your goals in this life , which can help you understand how to deal with your natural ability, to perform deeds, (depending by the direction you follow of your beliefs) will result your learned lessons by taking pride in your self improvement.

1 Having ability to initiate goals, projects, and innovative ideas
2 Having ability to interact in harmony with others in business dealings, and matters of the heart.
3 Having ability to gain mental skills
4 Having ability to construct foundations
5 Having ability to expand
6 Having ability to security
7 Having ability to organise others and situations
8 Having ability to gain power and control self improvement
9 Having ability to finalise projects, goals and making final decisions
10 Having ability to release and transform.

2020 by Nina Magrin

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