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Communication With Angels

So much today is written and spoken about the Angels. This is a positive occurrence as the more we are exposed to their pictures, their messages, their writings, the more familiar they become, and the more familiar they become, the more people overcome any feelings of un-worthiness to have such a connection.

In 2005 I had an experience that changed my life – and which has led me to write about Angels.  I was contacted by an angel called Benjamin El Ra.   He explained he is from a group of angels who are Scribes, and they spend their time inscribing the Name of God in the holy texts.  I wondered why on earth had he come to me?  He told me that my next job was to, quote: “Sing the angels”  Oh, is that all?  I thought, yikes, what does that mean?  He told me not to worry, and I would be shown at the right time.  I have always loved to sing as a hobby throughout my life, and had just started going to singing lessons just for fun.  A month later, I was giving a talk at a local spiritualist church. All of a sudden I was filled with tremendous energy, and before I knew what was happening, began uttering sounds and tones. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Afterwards people reported hearing choirs, seeing angels in the room, and others felt an easing of their aches and pains. The last two years have been amazing, and not something I expected, but have embraced with all my heart.

We are all wonderful beings, with boundless potential, We came to earth at this time to realize we are co-creators in the Universe, and can manifest the life that we want. Here is a channelled message from the Master,  St.Germain.

“Angels are neither Man nor spirit” a unique creation breathed into life by God to oversee many dimensions, to uplift, to heal, to save and protect life in all its forms. They are  beautiful, complex energies, who can travel and adapt from the ethereal to the physical. Changing atomic structures in the blink of an eye. They exist to serve. To serve God and his creations. The  Seraphim and Elohiem are less accessible to some souls because of their high vibrational field, but they hear your call and despatch a feeling, a breeze, a sensation you can detect, via other angels closer to the earth.  Dear ones, understand that Angels are your dearest family for they love each and every person on the planet as though they were their own. Now more than ever, the veils between the dimensions are less dense and thus makes communication with those that reach out to spirit a little easier.  We look forward to communicating with you again Very soon. For now, we bid you Adonai. I thank St. Germain for his message for us all, and look forward to talking with you next month as we explore the beautiful realm of the angels.

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