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Co-operation With Angels

Hello again, it’s nice to be with you for this glorious Spring month of October.  Last month I talked a little about my experience with angels, and we read Saint Germain’s wise words about these magnificent beings.

Let us have a look at the meaning of the word “Angel”  it comes from the Greek word meaning “messenger” and that is what they are, messengers from the realm of God, the Divine.  Angels exist to serve God, all levels of creation, and human beings – particularly our spiritual progress. They do have empathy for our trials and the human condition, and watch over us, however they are not here to give us a cushy life. We are expected to work on our inner-selves, and when we make a serious attempt at doing so, they will direct energy to us to help us break through whatever our challenges are.  In the teachings of ancient wisdom, an angel is described as “a member of a parallel stream of evolution which progresses through this solar system side by side with humanity. The title “angel” is given to all those members of that parallel hierarchy who have individualised those who have passed from the state of group-consciousness – the state in which the nature spirits and animals live- and, like men, have become self-conscious individuals.”

There are angels at many stages of evolution and on all planes of nature barring the physical. There are astral angels, mental or rupa angels, and angels of the causal level. Beyond them again are Buddhic and Atmic angels and so on until we reach the great solar angels whose field of evolution and service is the entire solar system itself. There are other angels beyond these who travel between solar systems and traverse the universe. 

In order to work more closely in co-operation with angels we need to decide on the following:

Meditate and focus on the type of work or project that desires to be done.  The clearer and more specific the better the results.

Give thought to the appropriate type of angel required whether you need healing angels, angels who can manifest form, angels of  art, Angels of music, angels of power.

Draw in, pray or send thoughts to God or the intelligence of the System. Or to the deity of your belief system – Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc.

When you have sent out your prayer or affirmation direct this Energy into the project with all your concentration of mind.

Mentally call the specific type of angel appropriate for the work and ask them to take charge of and assist the work. 

    It is very important and shows respect to the angels, that we only invoke them when we have a specific and genuine reason.  When we continually call them in on a “whim” or for something trivial, such as expecting them  to locate our lost car keys,  they will be reluctant to come .

Angels will always co-operate with us without exception where there is negative or malevolent energy in an area, and they will drive away all dark entities. For those wishing to use their home as a centre of light, meditation circle, or healing, when asked, they will send magnetic energy to that dwelling and remain until a vibration of insulation can be established in the foundations.

When we are engaged in a regular activity such as being actively involved in healing work and there are set times that patients are being seen, or there is a gathering for meditation and planetary work at a set time of the day or week, or for a life-threatening situation, the angels will already be waiting for us ready in earnest to begin. Often they are way ahead of us, and have already started on work that we decided to do. Angels and humans working together can achieve wonderful things that reach far beyond that of working separately.

Until next month, I bid you much joy, and may the wings of angels surround you in all your endeavours.


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