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Hello and welcome to our page of Aromatherapy.

I would like to present you with some information about the essential oils we stock in our shop.  We are happy with the brand we carry as it is a  reputable and popular brand  (as far as feedback from our frequent users is concerned).

As with essential oils, there are a lot of different ways to apply them to benefit from their use, and some knowledge can help you make the right choice for the right application.  I  passed on the Distiller’s recommendation notes rather than my own notes as I feel it is more appropriate.

In the future I will discuss with you some handy tips as well.  We will look at flower essences and their uses, fragrant oils for wearing and anointing oils for  spiritual / magical uses.

If you have any queries about oils, please email us or call at the shop.  If you cannot find what you need, we are more than likely to get it for you.  The product range is always increasing.
Our “Products Online” Site is under construction so please keep checking for this new service.
Best wishes,

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